Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Update

I haven't wrote in a while and I think that I am the only one following this blog.  I keep trying to get ahead and it seems like something is keeping me from doing that.  The lady came to get the bird on the 7th of December, but since she paid little payments until she got him they were used for other necessities, and I didn't have the lump sum to give to my landlord.  But he is still working with me, even though I am 4 months behind.  I did mail a 600 payment to him this past weekend, so I am actually 3 months plus 150 behind...but January is right around the corner and I will be back to four.  I am going to send another payment on Dec 31st,  so it will keep me at 3.  And as soon as I file my taxes and get the refund I am getting it current along with all of my other bills, and then I am going to stay current.  That will give me breathing room and I won't be stressing about money(hopefully).

My ex husband did finally turn in paperwork to his employer to start taking money from his checks for child support.  I got almost 200 a couple weeks ago, and hopefully will get some more in a couple days so I can pay the light bill. 

I did buy the kids some Christmas presents this year, not a lot, but last year I didn't even have a tree.  I wanted to make this Christmas special.  They are old enough to know that we have had financial problems, and they are happy to see something under the tree.  I am excited for Christmas to get here so they can open them. 

I am still single and plan to stay that way for a while.  I want to get everything caught back up and start saving some money.  I know come summer I will have to have more for the light bill, and just in case of emergencies.  I want to get back on track, so that money won't continue to be a stress in my life.

I appreciate all the prayers and things continue to look up everyday.  God is watching over my family, and I know he will provide.

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