Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's Next

Well things seem to be improving on a daily basis, but not neccessairly in the way I thought they would.  I was able to sell my bird and the lady buying him is mailing payments for him until she can come pick him up on November 15th.  The sale of my bird is helping to pay one month's rent, which means I still had to come up with 2 other months.

My landlord is working with me on it, and I already sent one payment to come from my last paycheck.  Then I am sending another month on November 15th and another on November 30th.  Which then puts me owing for November and December, but hopefully I can get that caught up before the end of December.  Christmas might be a little tight this year, but my kids will understand and appreciate whatever they receive. 

On October 24, 2011 my boyfriend, now EX, and his daughter moved out.  This does eliminate 2 mouths to feed, and all the other expenses they had.  But it wasn't exactly what I wanted to happen.  I would have rather him be able to find a job and help support the family.  But I guess that was not in God's plan and I just have to accept it.  It is hard, because we were together almost 4 years.  Yeah we had our share of problems, but I still love him and consider his daughter one of my own.  I miss them both, and wish he would realize that the answer was not running away.  But for now I just have to continue working on getting my stuff caught up.

My ex husband is still not paying his child support, but he said he mailed 100 to me yesterday.  I have contacted CSE and still don't get any answers on why they don't push harder.  My ex has been working at this job since August and they will do nothing to get him to pay.  I keep calling frequently to try to get them to push it, but so far I have not got anywhere.   It just makes no sense to me whatsoever.  He is also going to try to have his support lowered, which I don't agree with either.  Because he could be making the money he was, he just doesn't want to.  He says he wants to support the kids, but sometimes I feel like he doesn't think he needs to.

I still haven't found a part time job, but I keep looking and praying something will come along.  I thought maybe Wal-Mart would be hiring for extra help during the holiday season.   But with my ex boyfriend moving out it would be harder to be working a second job.  At least while he was there the kids still had a parent around.  If I get a part time job I would be going from one job to the next, and that isn't fair to my kids.  But if it would get us out of the financial bind then it would just be temporary.  I know two jobs would wear me out pretty quick.

Thank you for the prayers and keep them coming.   My family appreciates it and the prayers have been working.

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