Friday, October 14, 2011

One Prayer Answered

Last night I was speaking with my ex husband and found out that he is now going to be a taxable employee, instead of being an independent contractor.  This means that the state will now be able to garnish his wages for the back child support he owes.  Granted it is not going to all be coming at once, but at least I will start receiving something soon.  When I got to work this morning I called child support to advise them of the change, so that hopefully the garnishment can take place with the first check he receives.

My boyfriend still hasn't had any luck with the job search, and I have not heard anything from the other jobs that I have applied to.  I keep praying each day that one of us will hear something, and by having one prayer answered I know more will follow.  I also emailed my landlord this morning to advise I should be receiving child support soon.  My landlord didn't respond to the first email I had sent after he had sent the email about eviction.  So I am also praying that is a good sign.  Maybe if I just keep him updated on what is going on that he will continue working with me. 

Today was payday and after paying the light bill and phone bill, and buying a few groceries there isn't going to be much left.  But I will make do and stretch it as far as I possibly can.  But hopefully, my ex husband also wasn't lying about mailing a payment to child support this weekend. 

I hope that everyone has a good weekend, and keep the prayers coming!

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