Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update on Situation

Well today I received a phone call from one of the places I applied for a part time job and they wanted me to come in for an interview.  However, once they found out that I was only availabe to work in the evening they were not interested.  Now my thinking is I would be asking if any of my current evening employees would like to move to days, but I know things can't be changed just to accomodate me.  But that is the manager in me thinking.  I used to be a manager in a fast food restaurant and I had several employees that would have rather worked during the day, but there wasn't an opening.  So I will just wait and see if I hear anything from the other companies I applied for.  I had a brief feeling of relief when I received the call, but then hearing they are no longer interested it brings a little despair. 

My boyfriend is still not having luck in finding anything either, and the 15th just keeps getting closer.  I have no idea how much my check is going to be and my ex has indicated that he is sending 500 for child support, but I can't believe that until I see it credited on my account.  And he also said he is trying to work as much as possible to be able to send another full payment with the check he gets on the 20th.  I am praying that he is not lying about this, because that would help tremendously.  But as many times as he has lied to me in the past about sending money, I just can't believe it until the money is actually on my card.

Please continue to pray for my family that God will help us through this time and continue to provide for us. 

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