Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Prayer Answered

Last night I received a phone call from a lady interested in my Goffin Cockatoo I have for sale.  We called and talked more today and she is going to buy my bird.  This means I will be able to pay one of the past due rent payments, plus on the 31st I will be paying another past due rent payment.  Granted she is not going to get the bird until November 14th, but she is sending a deposit.  So I am going to put the deposit in the bank and not touch it until she gets the bird and then I will send an additional payment to the landlord.  That will leave me to pay October and November rent, but at least I am getting closer. 

I am still waiting to hear on the child support issue, because now my ex husband says if he stays as a contractor his employer can determine how much they send to child support.  So I may have got excited over that news a little prematurely.  But so far my landlord has not sent anymore eviction emails or listed the property(that I am aware of), and I keep him updated on what is going on.  I am hoping to send a little extra to the landlord on November 15th, so that maybe I can get the rent caught up sooner than expected.

I appreciate anyone that is reading this blog and praying for my family.  I still haven't found a part time job and my boyfriend is still unemployed.  Please continue to pray about those two things so that our family can get out of the hole we are in.

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